Jupiter High School Prom

I wish I was a student of Jupiter High School! For the past four years I have worked with them conceptualizing their prom themes and bringing them to life. This year we had the most exciting yet challenging, Arabian Nights theme. After heading down the red carpet through the Arabian Bazaar tented entrance to the 25,000 square foot ballroom your eye was instantly drawn to a 20x40 set backdrop depicting the passion and sensuality we wanted to portray with the theme along with our choice palette of blues, purples, golds and hints of fiery orange. The upbeat sounds of Arabian music filled your ears as the fruity incense softly permeated throughout the room. Our "in the round" stage provided for a perfect party and dance atmosphere with our DJ team and hip hop dancers to hype this party up. For those that were chillin out, we had several loungy seating areas which provided for more intimate conversation.
A surprise performance with swords and candlelit head balanced chandeliers by our costumed belly dancers was a big hit. Butlered drinks, decked out dinner buffet and delectable dessert towers were sampled by all...The prom was documented on a thirty minute DVD memoir video that each of the students received as a party favor. Can't wait until next year!

Photos Courtesy Of Firefly Studio

Erica & Damian/ Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne

Photos Courtesy Of Luxi Images (Andy)