Angela and Felipe

My Greek Goddess bride, Angela married her prince among men, Felipe in December. Gorgeous couple, warm wonderful families and a beautiful wedding…what more could this planner ask for? Well, sparkles, of course!
Angela informed me Felipe was #1, but she feel in love with anything with sparkles. So, her custom invitations, dress and veil, bouquet, even cake topper initials were awash with crystals, glitter, or rhinestones.

Their ceremony was Greek and very moving. Many symbols are present. Crowns, for instance are placed on the head of the bride and groom to show that the marriage is noble and that the couple is beginning a new family line together. Once the crowns have been placed on the heads of the couple, they are viewed for the rest of the service as a King and Queen.

The quiet attention of a Greek ceremony is something all should witness at least once but let me also add…make sure not to miss the celebration that follows! They all deserved that special day and I was so lucky to have been a small part of it.

April Villanti
Photos Coutesy of Debra Weisheit