Emily & Jon Cocktail Party

Oh my goodness.. What a adorable couple. I really loved working with Emily and Jon on their cocktail party to celebrate their nuptials which took place a month earlier. They really just wanted their family and friends to be a part of the celebration so they thought the pavillion at Flagler would be the perfect spot. That room leaves me breathless everytime I step into it and I never get use to the magnificence of the room.
They went with a clean " cocktail style" look for their room. We did high and low cocktail tables around the room with a apple green satin linen. The flowers were just tall vases with white lighting, white orcids and white calla lilies. The room was washed with color and the white lounge furniture squared off the dance floor. We really just wanted to show off the natural architecture of the room. They offered different tapas station to their guests that they could enjoy at their leisure.
This group danced all night long and I was really happy to be a part of such a memorable event.

Photos Courtesy Of David Warren Photography